Module 1 iridology dates10 am to 5 pm first day, 11 am to 5 pm 2nd day

August 2019 dates to be announced

Call for special dates if you are not local to NYC

Module 2 Iridology dates   
11 am to 5 pm

September 2019 dates to be announced

Two half-days to be announced: Anatomy for Iridologists, and Camera techniques

Module 3 Iridology dates 
11 am to 5 pm

September or October 2019 dates to be announced

Professional Seminar for NYCI Iridology graduates

Call for dates

Herbs That Work
one day herbal workshop 12 noon to 6 pm

This intensive workshop is recommended for general learners as well as experienced herbal practitioners.

Anatomy for Holistic Students

Call for dates

Recent Medical Advances  Did you know…

  • Your eyes, hands and chest emit light?

  • Acupuncture meridians have been seen and photographed?

  • You can talk two-way with your internal physician?

  • The successor to antibiotics is available in NYC without a prescription?

  • Three quarters of your blood vessels are unseen, untouched, unreported and untreated by the medical world?

  • Homeopathy's method of action is well-established?

  • Blood (and other liquids) can move on their own without a pump?  

  • Water is one of the least understood substances on earth? (google "unusual properties of water")

  • Beside blood and lymph, you have a third circulatory system?

These are a few Medical Advances awaiting your exploration. Call for dates.


  • All IRIDOLOGY classes begin at 11 am except the first day of Module One, which begins at 10 am.

  • Coming from out of town? Classes scheduled for two successive Sundays can sometimes be rescheduled for a single weekend Sun/Mon,  Call Harvey for details ... 212 968-0230

NYCI Training Dates for 2019  

Each Module consists of two days in-class instruction, usually two successive Sundays, or Sat/Sun same weekend.

Please notice that the 2018-19 schedule of classes has been  curtailed from previous years. Instead of six sets of classes per year, NYCI will offer just three.

Entrance requirements now include an interview by Skype or in person for acceptance into the course of studies.