Your iridology appointment at NYCI will be with Judy Vedder, CI, MH


Judy Vedder, NYC's full-time iridologist and founder of the New York Center for Iridology, is a Clinical Iridologist, Master Herbalist, author and respected NYC instructor.

Judy combines two rare qualities: a straightforward, practical grasp of body functioning and an intuitive ability to unearth hidden issues that often baffle 'reductionist' approaches to health.  You can expect latent, dormant issues and even genetic predispositions to be brought into relief as she reviews your history and current concerns with you, after a careful scrutiny of your body's own log of that history in your iris.

Therapeutically, Judy Vedder's working knowledge of Targeted Specifics offers clients safe, natural, kind-to-the-body remedies.   Experience-based regimens have a significantly better track record than study-based measures, both in safety and efficacy.  Adverse reactions, common in the medical world, are generally absent in the natural realm, and Judy will tell you in advance what specific indicators to look for as you shift between a saturation, therapeutic, or maintenance strategy.  Negative experiences with herbs, Judy has found, almost always arise from misinterpreting cleansing or detoxing ("die-off") symptoms -- positive responses when body is in healing mode.