Professional Singer's Voice Improved

I have been a professional singer for nearly thirty years, and having had major problems with my throat and specifically my vocal cords during many of these years, in the year 2000 I made an appointment to see Judy while I was performing in New York. I was open minded about someone "looking into my eyes" to advise me what my physical health problems may have been as I always have embraced both conventional medicine and alternative medicine.
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Allergies Disappear

Hello Judy, I want to give a testimonial of what looks like a miracle, my name is Juan Alvarez, I have been suffering of asthma for the last 46 years before visiting Judy I was desperate because I could not controlled the attacks even with the best steroids and medication in the market at one point I believed that and intubation could be my best remedy because I could hardly breathe neither walk without getting short of breath
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Lowering Cholesterol

...The last two times my doctor took blood (3 1/2 months ago and 7 months ago) she was talking about putting me on the cholesterol medication Lipitor.  I just had my blood done again last week.  My total cholesterol went from 218 down to 181.  Both the HDL and LDL improved and my blood sugar went down to 98!  This is a very significant improvement considering my blood sugar was over 200 last year.