Education Services, Classes and Lectures

Iridology Training

Please call 212 968 0231 for for tuition information or email us using the form here. The current schedule is available online.

NYCI offers a certification course of studies in Clinical Iridology (ask us about this term).  The full Course of Studies includes three classroom Modules and Skill Transfer Assurance (internship) activities.  Classes in NYC are held on weekends and repeat three to five times a year.

  • Module 1 -- Basic Iridology concepts; recognizing and using the two dozen Ocular Biomarkers (signs in your eyes)

  • Module 2 -- Iridology concepts applied to the major body systems along with herbs that target each system

  • Module 3 -- Advanced concepts with focus on the difficult dark brown iris

  • Professional Seminars in Iridology for graduate students 

Please see the Classes section for further details, or visit the Class Schedule here.


Herbal Training

Herbs that Work, a practical workshop on how to craft an herbal regimen for your clients, yourself or your family.

Please see the Classes section for further details, or visit the Class Schedule here.


Other Holistic Educational Services

Lunch & Learn sessions.  A one-hour Iridology lecture and demo at your workplace.

Lectures.  Various general interest subjects including Clinical Iridology and Alternative Modalities in NYC.  Specialized lectures on various specific topics like

  • Your Second Heart: Blood Flow without a Pump

  • Understanding Body pH

  • Germ Theory Revisited

  • Biophotonics: the Light in our Cells

  • Emotions/Attitudes/Organs (did you know the liver stores anger, the kidneys store fear?)

  • Holistic NYC: Ninety-five modalities operating outside the medical mainstream

  • Microcirculation/Vasomotion: Little Vessels, Big Problems

  • Successor to Antibiotics? Nano Silversol’s surprising role as antibiotics fade and fail us