Allergies Disappear

Hello Judy, I want to give a testimonial of what looks like a miracle, my name is Juan Alvarez, I have been suffering of asthma for the last 46 years before visiting Judy I was desperate because I could not controlled the attacks even with the best steroids and medication in the market at one point I believed that and intubation could be my best remedy because I could hardly breathe neither walk without getting short of breath in other words this is a procedure where the patient gets a tube into the throat to help to inflate the lungs so the patient could survive and placed on a ventilator for some time at this point I was getting desperate and frustrated because I could not find anything for my problem, so started looking for other means like holistic medicine that I never tried and found Judy Vedder that specialized in iridology and at the appointment she told that all my problems was not really related my lungs it was because my diet that I was intoxicated and my body responds in that way with asthma and allergy my nose was like an open faucet that could only stop for some hours with antiallergic medicine that with the time will not make any effect and I have to changed to other antiallergic pills to make this short story after one month and half of taking the diet and supplements I started feeling like I have never felt in my life no more allergies and my shortness of breath was going away even so I continued taking my asthma medication at 3 months I was symptom free and at this point I left my asthma medication and I can said I am in debt with Judy for my whole life for the life saving treatment that she applied on me and for anybody who wants to talk me contact Judy and she will contact me.
Juan Alvarez
Pulmonary Therapist