Professional Singer's Voice Improved


I have been a professional singer for nearly thirty years, and having had major problems with my throat and specifically my vocal cords during many of these years, in the year 2000 I made an appointment to see Judy while I was performing in New York. I was open minded about someone "looking into my eyes" to advise me what my physical health problems may have been as I always have embraced both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Judy recommended specific herbs and supplements for me and I am happy to say that at my last appointment in September this year (2004), the improvement in both my general health and the area of most concern my vocal cords had improved by almost 90%. I have maintained the program she set for me and could not be any happier with having taken the time to see her. Her recommendations and advice have certainly motivated me to continue down this path of better health. In these last few months on the road, I have had many comments from fans and promoters alike that tell me I am singing better than I have in years. I would highly recommend that even those of you who are currently in good health make it a point to see her. You will not be disappointed.


Russell Hitchcock

Lead Vocalist with the group Air Supply