MODULE 1 - Basic Skills & Tools of Clinical Iridology

You will walk away from this class with the ability to read your own eyes and those of your family and friends.

Time Required

Two days, 11 hours total class time plus outside assignments.


Class Overview

The focus of this class is to provide a beginning student with the tools and techniques of Clinical Iridology. Technical knowledge tools include: working familiarity with the Jensen iris map for right and left irides, ability to recognize ocular biomarkers -- colors, markings and patterns in blue and brown eyes and associate these patterns with tissue conditions in the organs represented.

All tools you will need are included in the basic price: 

  • Prof quality aspherical magnifying lens
  • Special high-illumination light for dark brown eyes
  • self exam mirror
  • forms on which to record readings
  • two eye charts
  • colon map
  • excellent workbook
  • immediate enrollment in an informal internship program to assure skill transfer

Not included, but recommended is the defacto standard American text, Iridology, the Science and Practice in the Healing Arts, Vol.2 by Dr. Bernard Jensen, available for $179 from the publisher.

Certificate of Proficiency in the Tools and Techniques of Clinical Iridology (traditional Bernard Jensen methodology) will be awarded upon successful completion of a two-part (post course) exam. The written exam can be completed when you feel ready, generally within ten days following Module 3. Part two consists of reading both blue and brown live eyes under observation in the NYCI clinic.


None. A basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and holistic principles is helpful, but not required.  NYCI students acquire skills in Functional Anatomy as the coursework proceeds.  Outside reading and training suggestions are offered to NYCI students as part of out of class activities.

Tuition Rates

Price includes all the above. Call 212 968-0231 between noon and 8 pm EST for current prices.

This first basic class will give you all the iris signs -- Jensen traditional and additional, recently discovered signs. You will then be able to apply what you have learned to reading live eyes. We'll assist you with complete post-class support as you go. Confidence in using the techniques will grow rapidly as you scan live eyes on your own.

In addition to presenting the ocular biomarkers, this class will provide you with your basic tools and train you in using them. Also we will furnish personal iris photos, an eye reading and a Targeted Specifics program to improve your own health, identical to the full program NYCI clients receive on their first visit.

Full proficiency in Clinical Iridology requires completing Modules 2 and 3.