MODULE 2 - Applied Clinical Iridology

Time Required

Two days, 10 hours total class time plus outside assignments

Class Overview 

Applying Iris Signs to the Eight Body Systems. This course is structured around the eight body systems, (circulatory, digestive etc.), enabling you to relate each iris sign to the organ and system in which it appears.  You'll learn as well, the Targeted Specific appropriate to each.  This course prepares you for informal internship, presently provided without charge -- details given in class.  At NYCI, we work with you to be sure classroom instruction is transferred to actual iris-reading skills.  You will value and use your lifelong association with leading Clinical Practitioner Judy Vedder.

Tuition includes ...

  • excellent workbook
  • detailed colon map
  • brown eye light
  • in-class practice reading irides
  • outside class assignments with assistance as needed
  • observing and participating in live clinical sessions to see how an expert works
  • buying privileges in a professional herbal supply company
  • assistance in camera selection, techniques, and usage in practice


Module 1 - Basic Clinical Iridology

Tuition Rates

Call 212 968-0231 between noon and 8 pm EST for current prices.